Ayet an-Nur



Title: Ayet an-Nur
Year: 2017
Medium: Ink, gouache, gold, dyed ahar paper
Script: Besmele in oval, Sulus; text, Nesih
Image Size: 9 7/16” x 13”
Interpretation:God is the light of the heavens and the earth. The similitude of His light is a niche with a lamp in it. The lamp is in a glass vessel, and the glass is as if it were a radiant star lit from a blessed olive tree, not of the East, nor of the West. The oil is almost glowing, even though no fire has touched it. Light upon light. God guides to his light whoever He wills and makes metaphors for mankind. God is knowing in regard to everything. (Quran 24:35, from the Surat an-Nur)
Signature: Signed and dated by the artist

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