First Annual Calligraphy Workshop


Join us for an intimate gathering to explore the meanings, methods, and mindful traditions of Arabic Script Calligraphy. This enlightening retreat seeks to empower the next generation of adult students to understand and appreciate a time-honored art that still flourishes today. For Muslims, Arabic is the language of the revelation, and calligraphic writing of the Arabic script is widely considered the root of Islamic visual culture.

We often hear that the artistic practice of Arabic script calligraphy can be a means of reflecting on the transcendence of the Almighty Allah. But many feel they don’t have the talent or simply don’t know where to start. This workshop has been designed with that in mind. In an attempt to bring clarity to the calligraphic process, teachers will guide you through basic principles that you can carry on in a practice of self-study. The three-day curriculum merges a traditional Islamic art with a modern practical application.

We are most grateful to have two outstanding masters of this art teach together for the first time at this special workshop: the beloved Mohamed Zakariya, the calligrapher behind the U.S. Eid Stamps, and his esteemed student and Ijazat holder, Elinor Aishah Holland.

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